The COVID-19 also known as the Coronavirus has taken over 13,000 lives and currently has over 330,000 confirmed cases worldwide. Due to this outbreak and Queensland have well over 300 confirmed cases; our company SB Quality Cleaning has decided to add a new service.

Ordinary cleaning has always been based on removing visible dirt and grime and the things we cannot see with the naked eye is usually left untouched. Infection Control cleaning is a new method to destroy and prevent these otherwise undetectable things. We are surrounded by millions of viruses and bacteria in our day to day lives. They go unseen and unnoticed on various surfaces until they enter our bodies and ultimately make us sick. But fear not, SB Quality cleaning has you covered.

SB Quality Cleaning fogging systems cause minimum downtime and disturbance. They are efficient in killing a widespread range of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Additionally, they are extremely beneficial in sanitising, disinfecting and curbing the growth of mould. Our fogging machine is a resourceful equipment that uses fine spray to apply chemical solutions on small, large and hard to reach areas. SB Quality Cleaning guarantees thorough disinfection from ceiling to floor. This will decontaminate the whole area. Our disinfection and sanitisation methods successfully kill and remove harmful pathogens like the Swine Flu and Salmonella.

We have disinfected places like Gyms, Medical Clinics, Commercial and small offices, Hotels, Care homes and most importantly our own homes. Additionally, this is what the Airline companies are doing to keep the crew and the passengers safe.

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