Keeping your solar panels clean is now significantly less time consuming, and easier. SB Quality Cleaning will allow your solar panels to have that professionally cleaned look with a fraction of the effort. SB Quality Cleaning is teams focused on helping its clients maximize their return on investment. We offer one of the best solar panel cleaning in brisbane. We use state of the art cleaning methods and materials which result in a more productive solar array for a longer period of time between cleanings.  We offer assistance in reviewing your electricity production to determine how often it makes sense to clean your photovoltaic array.

How often should my solar panels be cleaned?

Regularly cleaning your solar panels is not only a sensible way to protect your investment, it makes good economic sense.  Experts agree that dirty solar panels don’t produce as much power as clean panels.  Rain rinses some of the dust off but doesn’t clean them anymore than it washes your car.  When we clean them the “no chemical” way they work better and look great!

Most clients choose to have their panels cleaned once or twice a year. However, if you are near a freeway or in an area prone to airborne pollutants, bird droppings, or construction, you may need to have them done more frequently. Our clients have reported dramatic improvement just minutes into the cleanings.

Prevent damage to your solar panels and keep them working at peak efficiency levels. Using the right equipment and cleaning agents to get the job done right the first time, Brisbane’s Best Solar Panel Cleaning will clean your residential or commercial solar panels with the utmost care.